Escher Water Projects

Recent projects

  • -Water & Climate Hotel Amsterdam (2017)

    Joris Escher is the initiator of the Centre for Investigation on Water and Climate; the Water & Climate Hotel Amsterdam. This initiative aims to make in The Netherlands an icon and showcase for water innovations, circularity and climate proof building and living. In the building research is being carried out in circularity (water, energy, food) new technologies are being tested and innovative ventures show that their products are applicable on a broader scale. Results of pioneering research is being exhibited in the gallery. Research Institutes likes AMS, AWS, NIOO, TU Delft, Wetsus en Deltares want to use the infrastructure as a testing garden and want to give it a place in their educational programs. (
  • -Agenda 2050 IJsselmeer (2016) and IJsselmeer Summit 2016, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Witteveen & Bos

    The goal of the Agenda 2050 of the IJsselmeer is to make a balanced long term strategy and plan that do justice to all underlying system (water, ecology, infra, economy, tourism, landscape, fishery and to all stakeholders concerned (governments, interest groups, knowledge institutes, companies). Steering towards functions that reinforce each other (like ecology-energy or tourism-fishery) Escher has together with the Ministry of I&M and the landscape designers of Witteveen + Bos, designed and directed the thinking and realization process. Escher also was the chairman of the three consecutive mass reunions to investigate the chances for win-win-solutions. Besides this Escher was co-designer and chairman of the Ijsselmeer Summit 2016 in the Zuiderzeemuseum.
  • -Design thinking: Plastic Free Rivers Makathon (PWN, RWS, 2016)

    Together with the drinking water company PWN and the Dutch Water Agency, Escher has directed this beautiful contest. The result was a collection of fifteen solutions to intercept plastics from rivers, before it flows into the seas. Escher educated thirty Design Thinking-facilitators in order to coach the interdisciplinary teams, to translate their creativity into effective plans for clean rivers and oceans . Besides Escher was the chairman of the gatherings.
  • -Mediator Inhabitants and Municipality of Gilze-Rijen (Neth.) (2016-2017)

    An apparent conflict of interests between the inhabitants and the Municipality. They didn’t agree on the housing of refugees in the municipality. Using Mutual Gains-inspired strategies Escher has made the parties come to successful solutions by making space for empathy and creativity. As a mediator Escher steers towards creative solutions and clear agreements.
  • -Strategy Construction and Maintenance, Dutch Water Agency – 2020 - 2016

    Escher designed and directed the process to come to a new vision on Construction and Maintenance of the Dutch Water Agency. With a broad range of Directors and specialists a strategy has been developed to be able to react faster and in a more flexible fashion to the demands of the market, the environment and the surrounding interest groups. Currently Escher is working on the implementation of the strategy.
  • -Broader application of the back banks watersaving concept (RWS, Water Board NK, Deltares) – 2016

    Together with Roel Doef, Escher directed the process of investigation with governments and knowledge institutes whether the back banks concept could be effectively used in other places. New practical initiatives based on the successes of the Koopmanspolder were the result.
  • -Strategic Alliance RWS – ProRail (2017)

    As Escher helped the Dutch Water Agency and the Dutch Traffic Service give form to their strategic alliance, he did the same for RWS and ProRail, the Dutch Rail Infrastructure Agency.
  • -MIRT-investigation on the Ecological Recuperation of the Eems Dollard Estuaries (Ministry of I&M and the Province of Groningen)

    A beautiful project in which the stakeholders had to find a set of broadly supported solutions for the ecological recuperation of the Eems Dollard Estuaries. Together with Ministry and Province we directed the process to come to a set of financially feasible solutions.
  • -Implementation Life Cycle Costing (2013-2015 RWS)

    A major change project on Asset Management that seriously intervened in the corporate culture of the Dutch Water Agency. The main merit of the project was to establish awareness and ways of working to take into account maintenance aspects in design-& construction decisions. A complex and tough project to influence behaviour in all layers of the organisation.
  • -Implementatie van de Awash Basin Authority, Ethiopië (UvW/Dutch Water Authority)

    Onder leiding van Rens Huisman van Waterschap Zuiderzeeland wordt een nieuwe bestuurlijke eenheid, als een waterschap, geïmplementeerd in Ethiopië. In dit project heeft Escher tot nu door een actiegerichte training op het gebied van stakeholdermanagement een bijdrage geleverd. De uitdaging lag in het in die mate overbrengen van inzichten dat ze direct vertaald konden worden naar actieplannen. Het onderwerp was stakeholdermanagement bij ‘watershed management’; samen met regionale en lokale bestuurlijke eenheden ervoor zorgen dat de maatregelen ter voorkomen van erosie worden bepaald. De resultaten moeten in de loop van 2015 zichtbaar worden.