Escher Water Projects

Clients about Joris Escher

  • Joris directs the project in his own sharp and constructive manner and thus optimizes results. Good cooperation. Tastes like more.

    -Monique Bekkenutte, Director Royal Dutch Water Network

  • Joris is energetic, inspiring, sharp, critical and challenging when necessary.

    -Rob Bouwman, Project Manager Agenda 2050 IJsselmeer, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

  • Joris helped us in the saddle with his sharp questions about the approach of our MIRT-investigation on the Ecological Recuperation of the Eems Dollard. He consequently made us reflect and ask; Are we on the right track? With his creative approach of the major reunions where many parties were involved, we have obtained the necessary support for the project. Because of his efforts we could come to quick first results.

    -Regina Oosting, Project manager MIRT-onderzoek Eems Dollard, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment

  • As an implementor Joris helped us with his inspiring drive to bring people together in Communities of Practice, organizing reunions with businesses and to implement Life Cycle Costing by getting the subject on the agenda in many different layers of the Dutch Water Agency.

    -Jasper Schavemaker, Project Manager Life Cycle Costing – Dutch Water Agency

  • Working with Joris was like having a party. As a moderator he helped me to make big progress in the cooperation with our major partners. Strategic themes have been investigated and have also been made practical. We still profit from his efforts. From a birds eye view Joris has the ability to use his own energy to make abstract things practical and directed towards action.

    -Hans Eenhoorn, strategy Dutch Water Agency

  • With Joris you always get more than you think. He is very well able to let groups make progress in any imagined circumstance. In a group process he perceives everything and will not evade difficult situations. Joris not only brings loads of experience, but also a great deal of creativity and deep thoughts. He knows how to combine this with much enthusiasm and drive.

    -Rens Huisman, (Project Manager Water Governance Implementation Program Ethiopia, Water Board Zuiderzeeland)

  • Joris helped the Dutch Water Agency and the Dutch Traffic Service to give form to their strategic alliance in a friendly and creative way with a firm eye on the mutual goals.

    -Arjan van Vliet, Dutch Traffic Service, Strategy and External Developments, RDW

  • This Escher paints as well. A palette with an inspiring style. Joris is driven by the content of what he deals with from the role of process director to that of chairman. Delightful to work with him.

    -Rien Bout, Senior Advisor, Dutch Water Agency

  • Joris helped us with a brainstorm on subterranean building. He is spot-on, follows sharply the reasonings, spots the weak elements of the plans and is strongly focussed on the realisation of results for all parties. Merten Hinsenveld MCM, Director Centre for Subterranean Building

  • It is especially nice to work with Joris because of several reasons. Joris really listens to me as a client en he can swiftly translate my challenges and problems into goals we want to attain. Besides that Joris is creative in the use of means to effectuate results. Joris knows to amaze me every time with resourceful plans that prove to be successful. Briefly, I find it very pleasurable to work with Joris and can always be sure of the final results.

    -Jacqueline te Lindert, Stakeholder manager Dutch Water Agency

  • TASK experienced that Joris can establish real conversations by letting people express themselves in a group. That’s how a group makes progress, knowledge is shared and not only the extravert persons get to articulate themselves. He manages this by surprising questions. Thus he lays the foundation for the comprehension of yourself in a group in order to stimulate change and get it going.

    -Geert Kotter, Director TASK