Escher Water Projects

Why Escher Water Projects?

Escher Water Projects aims for the realisation of sustainable results by challenging existing structures and patterns. Escher works with creative participative methods like Simulation Games, Creative Problem Solving, Change by Design and Value Engineering.

With Joris Escher you add a powerful outboard motor to your team when you temporarily need extra propulsion. This can be in different roles:

Together with you, Joris Escher designs and directs the thinking- and working process in order to get the best results for commissionaires, stakeholders, society and the environment. Escher is hands-on, practical and he steers towards maximizing social values like CO2-reduction, circularity and social justice.

Best practices: Agenda 2050 Ijsselmeer, IJsselmeer summit 2016, Ecological Recuperation Eems Dollard Estuary.

Joris Escher has vast experience in directing processes of multi-party planmaking on a strategic level and - in the same flow - writing the plan. In several meetings and ‘loops’ Escher knows how to create a common vision and working plan among network partners in complex environments like water, infrastructure or data-ecosystems.

Best Practices: Programmaplan Nationaal Wegenbestand (2020), Programmaplan Nationaal Toegangpunt Mobiliteitsdata (2021), Roadmap Service Providers (Big Tech in mobility, 2021) and Beleidsnotitie Digitaal Stelsel Mobiliteitsdata (2022).

Escher Water Projects connects innovators (inventors, knowledge institutes, companies, designers, artists), innovative civil servants, executives and citizens to bring an innovation to a broader application. If there is a temporal lack of ownership in the process, he actively searches parties to maintain pace in the innovation chain. He manages the timing, the opportunities and the right people to cash chances.

Best Practices: Back Banks (Koopmanspolder), Plastic Free Rivers Makathon, Open Data Estafette Water.

Strategic management consulting and implementation. Years of experience with design and realization of strategic plans and the translation to operational goals and effectuation. Simulation Games can be an effective tool in the development from ‘as is’ to ‘to be’. Escher knows how to make the behaviour patterns visible and comprehensible.

Best practices: Assetmanagement Oost Nederland, Life Cycle Costing at RWS, Strategy Construction & Maintenance RWS.