Escher Water Projects

Why water?

Water demands to work together. In order to be safe, to have clean and enough water, to protect Nature, we have to, in everything we do, reckon with water and with each other.

Water is one of the most complex and challenging issues of our times. And the complexity of the subject is only growing with the increasing world population, the changing climate and the rising sea levels.

Water issues and projects need an extra kind of independent specialist to direct the thinking-, cooperation- and implementation processes. Independent, but at the service of the public interest. I try to be this specialist at the top of my game: a connecting, creative and stimulating force on your team.

I consider it a constant challenge to align the interests of (local and central) governments and interest groups, to connect knowledge institutes to this process and to make space for companies to produce for society; safety, clean and enough water and a healthy environment, inside and outside the city.

Joris Escher, 2023

Why water